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Zdenek "ZZ" Zizka


The Zizka Method is the first book of young rising star Zdenek “ZZ” Zizka. He shares his thinking process in 223 pages. It teaches you how to think about any situation in backgammon like a world-class player.

The book is based on the fact that all the positions could be explained way more accessible & more straightforward than the current popular confusing “rules of thumb.” Zdenek “ZZ” Zizka focuses on precisely explaining the right ideas of the game and does not let any space to doubt the explanation as he covers all the options and proves why the right move is correct.

He will help you connect the positions by telling the future and stories, so it better sticks to your memory.

​After reading the book, you will never have to be lost in backgammon but always have a way in which way to think.

China Sings to Me

The Zizka Method by Zdenek "ZZ" Zizka

China Sings to Me

China Sings to Me

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