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About Blue 2 Publishing


We have been publishing content for the past twenty years, including newsletters, social media, podcasts, and vlogs, all of which we consider to fall under the publishing umbrella, as defined by Blue 2 Publishing.

But books? We didn't publish books until 2024. Our founder, Christine Merser, is launching her first novel, Flight of the Starling, this year and is working on other books for clients, authors, and her own portfolio. While we did explore other publishers, we believe in our unique approach, delving deeply into every aspect of successful publishing placement, for our clients in the past.

Thus, Blue 2 Publishing for books was launched in late 2023. We have five books 

set to hit the market this year, with a growing list of authors eager to collaborate

with us. Exciting times ahead.

How do we approach book publishing?

We must not only like the book, but truly love it.


We offer comprehensive publishing services, including editing, cover design, platform uploading for distribution, and a full marketing plan. Whether you have an idea for a book (fiction or otherwise!) you want to bring to life, need a marketing strategy for an existing book or desire a consultation on expanding your reader base, we are here to help.

Reach out to us. We are eager to learn about the book that you envision gracing the nightstands of readers; from Pulitzer committee members to anyone seeking a captivating story that resonates with their life.

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