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#BlueShoeAdCommentary - The Costs Keep on Comin'

BMW has seat warmers in their cars, but starting this year, if you want them to work, you have to pay extra for it. Seriously? A car that costs more than $100,000 is going to charge me $18 dollars per month, or $180 per year (yep, a discount of $36 if I pay annually instead of monthly) so I can keep my ass warm on a cold winter’s morning? I laugh out loud, and I think that the push back will be so ridiculous that they will stop this tomfoolery before winter sets in. Not so fast, Christine.

Remember when they started charging for pillows on airplanes? Checking your bag is another $30+ without us even pausing when we pay it. We pay for bottles filled with water. Yes, water. As in that which is free when you turn on the faucet. And so on.

BMW will likely get away with this as we huddled masses yearning to have warm car seats suck it up and pay for it. Now, will those that are frugal cancel it during the summer months and turn it back on during the winter months? Maybe. But that’s another question for another day.

Bottom line? Last year BMW sold 2.5 million cars. Times $180? That would be $450,000,000 dollars in seat warmer revenue per year.

--Christine Merser


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