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Flight of the Starling

by Christine Merser & Carol Rea

Set in the opulent world of the Hamptons and Palm Beach, Justine, a wealthy divorcee, finds herself caught in a web of intrigue and emotional turmoil. Her life of luxury is interrupted when she becomes entangled in a deeply personal quest for justice. Among her circle of wealthy friends is Robert Bradbury, a mega millionaire who has spent the last two decades desperately searching for his daughter, Caroline, who was tragically trafficked years ago. Determined to bring her home, Robert has assembled a team of former CIA agents to aid in his relentless pursuit. When the long-awaited breakthrough finally comes and the investigators uncover a lead on Caroline's whereabouts, Robert approaches Justine with a bold and risky proposition. He asks her to assume the identity of the woman responsible for trafficking his daughter, believing this undercover plan is the key to reunite with Caroline. Reluctantly, Justine agrees, propelled by her empathy and the chance to make a difference. As the plot unfolds, a complex connection emerges between the three women: the trafficked daughter, Justine, and the woman who caused unimaginable pain. As they delve into the depths of their intertwined lives, they uncover unexpected truths and challenge conventional notions of what it means to be saved.

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We've prepared a number of questions we welcome you to discuss with your book club. You will find them in the back of your book or download them below.

1. This book is written in first person, present tense, from Justine’s point of view. This is rarely done and sometimes frowned upon in literary circles, although some recent novels, Hunger Games and Wild, for example, are also written this way. Did you notice this difference? Would you have preferred it to be narrated in past tense?

2. The plot is moved along mainly with dialogue (internal and external) and there isn’t a lot of description. What are your thoughts on this? Do you prefer more or less description in the books you choose?


*Download the Book Club Questions Here.


“Finally, a novel with a feminist view and a Grisham/Patterson pace. Heroine, Justine, doesn’t pull any punches. I not only rooted for her, I felt empowered by her.”

– JoAnn Cox, Writer and Director of Operations, Women in Film New England

“My dad was a champion of Christine’s writing. He told her to write her novel without regard for anyone but the plot and the characters. If he were alive, he would say she nailed the plot and the characters. Congratulations, Chris. Well done."

– David Adler, son of Warren Adler Author War of the Roses and Random Hearts


“Justine takes on a dangerous assignment to search for the sex-trafficked daughter of a long-time friend. Inexperienced in the world of espionage, she draws on the strategic skills she learned over the backgammon table, weighing risks and changing game plans when the dice rolls bring danger. You won’t be able to put it down.”

– Karen Davis, Co-founder, Women’s World of Backgammon

"Flight of the Starling by Christine Merser & Carol Rea is a gripping narrative that intertwines elements of thrillers and drama, crafting a story that is filled with courage, redemption, and the significant impact of self-discovery."

 -- Literary Titan Review

"Women are at the forefront of Merser and Rea’s story, and the efforts made to address issues that heavily impact women and to highlight their strengths and their sacrifices is admirable."


-- Kirkus Reviews

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